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Photo mosaic maker » Up to 1,000 photos » Free Preview

Details: Upload your main image into our free online mosaic maker – this is the photo shown in large on the final picture. Then upload the smaller photos. You can use up to 1,000 photos. Now we can begin to make a mosaic picture. This will take around 24 hours. Your preview has arrived! If you are happy with your mosaic, select a material (e.g. canvas).

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Photo Mosaic Create your mosaic now

Details: When you generate a mosaic with photos, you first need plenty of images. You should have at least 100 photos. After all, the photo mosaic will be particularly impressive the more photos are used for one image. For this reason, the rule is: more is better. The mosaic pictures are particularly popular as gifts for various occasions.

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Photo mosaic on acrylic glass

Details: Photo mosaic on acrylic glass – Here’s how it works. Choose your main image for your mosaic – this will feature in large on your print. Then upload your individual photos. The more photos the better. Within 24 hours, we’ll create your mosaic. If you are happy with the result, select your preferred medium – e.g. acrylic glass.

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Photo mosaic app » No installation needed!

Details: App for photo mosaics. Two general rules are important in order to create particularly beautiful images with our photo mosaic app. The main image uploaded into the mosaic picture maker should have a simple, clear motif. There is also a clear recommendation for the many photos from which the mosaic picture will be put together: the more pictures you upload into the photo mosaic app, the …

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Photo mosaic on canvas

Details: To hang it up all you need is one or two nails. The photo print on canvas can just hang with the frame on the nails. The photo mosaic and the canvas work well together. The natural structure of the canvas supports the pattern of the photo mosaic. The individual images in your mosaic blend together into a piece of art.

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NEW: Your mosaic made up of 1.000 photos

Details: Only until Tuesday 14th March Ready for dispatch: Try now more information Create your photo mosaic in 3 steps 1. Upload photos 2. Select mosaic 3. Order mosaic Further information Product information Prices Delivery times Video: photo mosaic on acrylic glass The photo mosaic is available on the following products: Canvas Acrylic glass Alu-Dibond Poster … Continue reading "NEW: Your …

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Photo mosaic software » direct, easy & without download!

Details: The only thing you need is an internet connection as the many photos for the mosaic must be uploaded. However, – just like desktop-based software – also offers the option of editing the photos. This allows you to turn, trim or colour your photos.

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What is a photo mosaic

Details: The individual images are given a color tone and are organized into the mosaic. That way each photo is used like an antique mosaic stone. A classic tile mosaic is made- but using photos. This method also works with only one photo. The individual photos can be sorted by the main color in them. The individual photo with the best fitting colors is

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Photo mosaic on Alu-Dibond

Details: Then upload the small photos into the app. The more photos, the better. Then we will create for you a mosaic from the individual pictures within 24 hours. If you like your mosaic, select a product for your mosaic, e.g. alu-dibond. Now you can order your mosaic metal print. …

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