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How to Fix Windows 10 Photo Viewer App Opening Slowly

Details: Step 3: Scroll down until you see the Photo Viewer section. Now click on the Photos app to display the other available options for viewing images and click on Windows Photo Viewer to set it as your default image viewer. Voila, you’ve set the trusty old Windows Photo Viewer as the default image photo viewer on your windows 10 PC.

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Declutter your iPhone Gallery with these Photo Cleaner

Details: Duplicate Photos Fixer is a great alternative to Gemini Photos. This app collects all the useless photos, screenshots, burst photos, and videos that are covering excess space in your phone. As soon as Duplicate Photos Fixer scans through your photo library, the photos …

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6 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone Camera

Details: That said, the market is flooded with accessories that are all meant to push the phone camera to the limit. For instance, getting some attachable lenses can give your phone the ability to shoot wider angle images, detailed close-ups, and focus-intensive portraits. You could also buy a clip-on optical zoom lens to capture far-away subjects.

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