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Photoscape X Latest Version

Details: Batch: An excellent tool if you want to apply a certain filter or adjustment to multiple photos. Whatever filter or lighting adjustment you choose will instantly be applied to all the selected images. You can also make a bulk change to the image format; Collage: Create a collage with up to 10 pictures. You can choose pre-made frames, adjust the

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Adobe Lightroom Latest Version 2021

Details: Edit multiple images at once: With batch editing, you can apply the same filter, size, and lighting adjustments to multiple pictures at the same time. Works with RAW images: RAW images are the best quality images for most DSLR cameras. Lightroom can adjust the exposure and white balance, add colors, switch the image to black and white, and

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Best Apps for Free Download

Details: Photoshop is a professional photo editing software that has all the tools you need to enhance images, create brochures, and much more. The only reason Photoshop isn’t leading this list is that the free version comes as a 30-day trial period. If you’re working on a …

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IrfanView Download for Free

Details: IrfanView is one of the best free image viewers for your computer. Quickly flip through all your images in each folder with scrolling views or set them up to play automatically in a slideshow. However, if all you’re going to use IrfanView for is to look at pictures, you’ll be missing out on its excellent editing tools.

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GIMP Download for Free

Details: Retouch Images: If there are irregularities on the image, such as a line that shouldn’t be there or someone was blocking something, you quickly fix this using the Healing Tool. Draw Freehand: You don’t need to be an artist to draw pictures on GIMP. In addition to paintbrush tools, it also has different shapes, lines, and customizable lines

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Data Breach: Thousands Exposed as Dating App Leaks Private

Details: WizCase has recently found an open Elasticsearch database on the Turkish based online dating app, Heyyo. The leak contained private information, including messages, photos, sexual preferences, occupation, and more for over 70,000 registered users worldwide. It was closed on September 25th, after Turkey’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was alerted.

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Manage Your Privacy: What Does Google Know About You

Details: Google Photos easily identifies what you look like through its facial recognition software. The service highlights pictures with various faces and then tells you to tag friends or people you know. Even if you don’t tag yourself, Google Photos will check all images and easily locate you in a crowd. In most cases, you will be the first person

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Google Earth Latest Version

Details: Download Google Earth and explore the world for free. See detailed maps, 3D landmarks, and play educational games. Get all the details here. 100% safe download.

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SHAREit Latest Version

Details: Create a remote photo gallery: Create a slide show presentation on your computer with pictures from your phone. Remote View: This will allow you access to the computer files. Lots of Extra Content. SHAREit is a very busy app. There seems to be an endless stream of short viral videos that don’t need an internet connection to play. In between

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WebWatcher Review 2021: I Don't Recommend it for Everyone

Details: The app was also able to access all his SMS messages, photo gallery, browser history, call log, and GPS location. With all this data, I was able to ensure that my son wasn’t looking for drugs, in contact with a sexual predator, taking inappropriate pictures, and more.

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A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People With Autism

Details: People from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds fall victim to online bullying and cybercrime, but studies have shown that those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more susceptible to online threats than others. ASD is a developmental disorder that affects behavior and communication. People on the Autism Spectrum tend

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Women’s Guide to Cyber Safety 2021

Details: Choose new photos for your profile pictures, or at the very least, do a Google reverse image search on them, to ensure they can’t be linked back to you easily if you don’t want them to be. If you use raunchy photos, be aware that others can screenshot them and post them online.

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9 Best Torrent Sites in 2021 (Safe Downloads for Mac + More)

Details: Posters, album art, and software brand images appear in pop-ups when you hover your mouse over the search results. Users can leave comments and star ratings on torrent pages to show the quality of the file. Since RARBG doesn’t show you the highest-seeded torrents by default, make sure to click the “S” header columns of the search results

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Bye, Google: Alternatives to Google Products (Updated)

Details: Google product: Google Photos Alternatives: Shoebox Another casualty of user trust thanks to the knowledge that every picture you’ve ever taken of yourself, your kids, your friends, birthday parties, anniversaries, exes, deceased relatives, romantic getaways, etc., is logged in Google’s profile of you , even if you long-ago deleted them.

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